Do you consider yourself someone that’s driven? Good at self-motivating? You might be doing it wrong. 

There’s a difference between pushing yourself to do a thing and being pulled from a force within you to do a thing. 

I push myself to get through doing the dishes as quickly as possible. I’m determined, focused, systematic, fast, and thorough as a dish cleaner. But I am not being pulled from within to wash dishes. I don’t have a voice inside saying, “Do more dishes. Find more dishes to do. Your life won’t be complete until you wash 30 more dishes today.”

Following your own curiosity will lead you down more interesting roads. 

As Gabor Maté puts it, “Don’t confuse being driven with being authentically animated by an inner calling. One state leaves you depleted and unfulfilled; the other fuels your soul and makes your heart sing.” 

What does your voice within say? What pep talks does the voice give you? What does it tell you to do more of?

What does it wish you were doing right now? Follow it!