Welcome to the birthplace of Naturally Better, Kevin Carlow’s project for the universe. It’s currently under development, and you can see the updates at: NaturallyBetterPodcast.com

Here’s the gist of the project:

  • I know that nature has answers. 
  • I know that I, and many people, are living in ways more disconnected from nature and natural ways of being than any previous generation in the 2-4 million years of human history.
  • I know that I have been born into a time of overshoot (thanks Active Hope), where both production and consumption of resources is far beyond a natural balance. 
  • I know I want to be better. I want to get better every day. I want to uncover and embody my inner voice, my truest nature more and more with each passing moment. 
  • I know I want to live in harmony with my resources. 
  • I know I enjoy improvement. I want to examine what it really means to “get better,” how one defines a “healthy amount” of drive and ambition to improve while balancing that with wholehearted acceptance of myself as I am right now. Does better mean change, or does better mean learning to accept what is?
  • I know when I publish things to the internet, it makes me more accountable, accountable to myself. I have a low tolerance for mediocrity, and it makes a part of me cringe inside by putting this idea out into the world before it’s “ready.” I know myself well enough to know it will never feel ready, just like one never feels all the way “ready” to enter parenthood; you just jump in with both feet and course correct along the way. 

The idea is to document my journey of learning. I am the student. I am seeking wisdom from teachers. If I’m going to all this trouble, I might as well document what I find out and share it in case any of it might be of use to someone else (or, at the very least, future me). 

Know of a person that would make for a great guest interview on the Naturally Better Podcast? Contact me!