Kevin Carlow is an aspiring: minimalist, meditator, present father, compassionate partner, vegetarian, hiker, wilderness expert, author, runner, musician, songwriter, generous friend, multilingual communicator, and global citizen.

After birth in Canada, childhood in Wisconsin, and university in Minnesota, Kevin embarked on a 15-year career in business. After graduating from the Carlson School of Management, Kevin transformed from Entrepreneurship Major to entrepreneur, spinning up several startup businesses, including a university guidebook called U-Guide and a Direct Sales business called Man Cave. After a five-year stint as small business owner, Kevin worked in Advertising & Marketing Sales, first with automotive ad agency Naked Lime Marketing and later with KARE 11 TV, and TEGNA.

He has exited the workforce and is reconnecting with his inner self, letting go of attachment to material things, and embracing the joy of now.

He currently resides in Minnesota with his wife Kristyn (aka Kristyn With a Why), two children, and dog.