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Facebook Now Ranks Friends Higher Than Businesses

On June 29, 2016 the USA Today reported “Facebook is tweaking its algorithm to show you more of your friends’ posts rather than posts from publishers.” Link:

First, let’s take a moment to review Facebook’s current algorithm, which looks something like this:


What this new update suggests is that the “C” part of this equation – the Creator – is now going to receive more positive weight if the Creator is your friend or family member, and more negative weight if the Creator is a business, celebrity, or other non-friend Page.

This has big implications for any business paying to Boost its posts or running a Facebook Ads campaign. The update means a business will have to be more creative, more interesting, more engaging, and participate in more social conversations in order to get noticed. Oh yeah, and it will cost more.

Just how much more is yet to be determined. Facebook Ads have been one of the most affordable and effective options for targeted digital advertising in the last three years. Since we all share so much of our lives with Facebook (age, gender, location, interests, marital status, life events, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg), the ability for a business to laser-focus on a specific audience on Facebook’s platform is truly unique. On a cost-per-click basis, Facebook Ads have been a fraction of the cost of a Google Search ad (we’re talking pennies per click vs. dollars per click).

The choice by Facebook to rank your friends’ posts higher than a publisher’s post in your News Feed is an attempt to keep its 1.65 billion users engaged with the content they prefer and to further leverage its advertising platform by forcing advertisers to be more compelling with their messages and more aggressive with their monthly budgets.

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Are You Jabbing Enough?

As we are all running about like crazy during this “season of giving,” one important piece of your marketing plan next year should be exactly that – giving.

Gary Vaynerchuk is the founder of Wine Library and VaynerMedia, both multi-million dollar businesses. He is also a best-selling author. This interview with him is super fun and ridiculously insightful:

give pic


  • His book Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook uses boxing as a metaphor for how businesses should be marketing today. It’s another way of saying, “Give, give give. Then ask.”
  • Too many businesses focus on their “right hook” – their sale/offer/call-to-action. This constant noise makes the consumer duck out of the way.
  • Not enough companies focus on their “jab” – giving something small away for free. An instructional video. A useful tip. A piece of thought leadership. For every right hook you toss out there, you should be offering three jabs.
  • All social media platforms are different. And the reason an individual joins a particular social platform is different. So why are you posting the same things on Facebook that you are on Twitter and Pinterest?
  • “The DJing of content”: These tips are LEGIT shortcuts on how to make your content creation efforts go the extra mile on Facebook (quote cards), Pinterest (infographics), Twitter (wait for alignment with trending topic), and Tumblr (animated GIFs).

Want to learn more about digital trends going into 2016? This is a short and article with seven strategies you should be thinking about, including storytelling, micro targeting, and humanization:


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